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Stock Farm
Roseau, St. George

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Goodwill Campus
Princess Margaret Hospital
Goodwill, Roseau

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Bath Estate Campus
Bath Estate
Roseau, St. George

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P.O Box 2066
Roseau, St. George
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies
Tel: (767) 440-1129
Fax: (767) 440-3934

Brief history of the Dominica State College

Dominica State College was born in the year 2002 with a student population of over 1000 offering courses in many fields.

Dominica State College is the first local tertiary institution catering to the needs of the island's peoples. Dominica State College consists of three main campuses which were initially three separate education institutions - The Nursing Institute located on the grounds of the Princess Margaret Hospital; the once Teachers College now the Faculty of Education located at the Bath Estate Campus; and the Sixth Form College now The Faculties of Arts and Sciences and Applied Arts and Sciences together located at the Stock Farm Campus.

The Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences was once called the Technical college still follows a similar structureto that it held previously but with a wider range of courses being offered.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was once called the Academic Section and still offers a wide range of courses. This faculty has improved its previous structure adding more courses that pertain to the working world of today.

The Nursing Institute now called the Faculty of Nursing (Health Sciences), has the best trained nursing staff within the Caribbean and has their nursing students have also been of high standards. Many of its graduates have found working opportunities within the United States, Canada and the UK.

Our Profile
The Dominica State College aims to strive beyond quality and excellence as its motto states. In order for it to achieve its purpose, students and staff must be able to work peac
efully in an atmosphere which is conducive to freedom of thought and expression, respectful of the rights of others and the acceptance of constituted authority.

The Rules and Regulations for students which follow are intended to maintain the conditions neccessary for learning and teaching, and to maintain the good reputation and standing of the college.

Vision Statement of the College

"To be recognized as a premiere institution of higher learning, committed to excellence and responsible to the needs of the stakeholders, and to the social, spiritual and economic challenges which face the Dominican society in the global environment."

Mission Statement of the College
A premier tertiary educational institution with a community focus, providing leadership in the delivery of high quality education in an environment conducive to lifelong learning. THe college is committed to improving the quality of life of the members of the communities it serves.

Goals of the College

* To be the institution of first choice for Dominican Students;
* To be a respirce of the people and communities that it serves;
* To equip its students with the knowledge, skills and values for self-development;
* To provide opportunities fro values, education, discipline and training;
* To foster personal development of its students;
* To provide stiudents with eth foundation knowledfe and skills to prisue further academinc trianing;
* To provide access to college education for all who are eligible;
* To provide studnets with the skills for self development and ability to complete successfully and find gainful employment in the global society
* To provide services taht will enable the students to make meaningfil contributions to the development of the commmunity and become useful members ofthe nation, regional and global society.

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